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Need to Eliminate Odors in Norwalk, Fairfield & New Haven CT?

Green Restoration promises to make America smell great again, starting with our amazing new process that  promises to Eliminate Odors Norwalk, Fairfield & New Haven CT.

If you have an annoying odor in your home that has evaded detection, Green Restoration is offering a free odor removal inspection. Our technicians will scour all areas of your home or business where odors originate, then apply our exclusive Chlorine Dioxide odor elimination treatment.

ODOR REMOVAL Service Areas

  • New Haven CT
  • Hartford CT
  • Fairfield CT
  • Norwalk CT
  • Danbury CT
  • Bridgeport CT
  • New London CT
  • Windsor CT
  • Stamford CT
  • New Britain CT
  • West Hartford CT
  • Meriden CT
  • Waterbury CT
  • White Plains NY
  • Brewster NY
  • Greenwich CT
  • New Canaan CT
  • Darien CT
  • Wilton CT
  • Ridgefield CT

Our amazing product is 100 percent effective in eliminating virtually every disturbing odor from the premises, including most of the worst offensive odors you might face. We are so confident that we can deliver on our promise that we will pay you $200 if you are not satisfied. If you have a problem with any of the following most often mentioned odor problems, we can help.


  • Pet urine – odors caused by new litters, pets not yet housebroken and litter boxes  
  • Cooking odors especially those caused by fish, curry and other spices, bacon
  • Mildewy, musty basement,s attic and  crawl space odors
  • Nursing home types of odors


We will Eliminate, Eradicate, Obliterate, Exterminate, Annihilate and Abolish all of your irritating and possibly health threatening odors and leave your home smelling fresh and sanitized. Unlike competitors who use perfumed chemical agents, ozone and other ineffective methods, Chlorine Dioxide is a permanent cure.

Our motto is “Restore and clean while staying green”  That is one of the primary selling points for our CLO2 Miracle Vapor Gassing System™. It is a completely safe approach to an age old problem – home odors. Don’t confuse Chlorine Dioxide with common chlorine bleach. While the two might share some capabilities, CLO2 is a safe alternative that does not cause any harmful effects. Once the vapors reach the odor source,  they  form small deposits of harmless salts that are easily wiped up.


The official name of this revolutionary product is the ALL ODORS GONE System that will effectively Eliminate Odors Norwalk, Fairfield & New Haven CT.


Odors are the result of bacterial breakdown of matter. Those odors can develop into serious health problems that affect our respiratory systems and cause allergenic reactions.  If your household members, particularly children and the elderly show signs of breathing difficulties, irritated eyes, hoarseness, wheezing, coughing or unexplained headaches, there is a good chance that the reason can be traced to mold.


All Odors Gone, Miracle Vapor Gassing System will eradicate mold and with it the odors that it causes. It Works! That is precisely why CLO2 and our proprietary process has become the leading method to Eliminate Odors Norwalk, Fairfield & New Haven CT.


Uses for CLO2 continue to grow. It has proved to be effective for scores of applications including:

Homes, Basements, Apartment Buildings, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Healthcare Facilities, Law Enforcement Facilities, Hotels, Motels, Commercial Buildings, Warehouses, Restaurants, Bars, Gyms, Containers, Kennels, Dumpsters, Storage Units, Cabins, Yachts, Shipping Containers & all types of Vehicles, Saloons, Busses!

Realtors and Property Managers … You Need This.

Selling a home with an odor issue is difficult and certainly problematic, one that  Real Estate Agents and Property Management Companies in Norwalk, Fairfield & New Haven CT. frequently face and deal with. One application of CLO2 will leave your property listing free of odor problems and help generate a successful sale.  ALL ODORS GONE is offering a special incentive – 20% off to realtors who use CLO2 to deodorize their available inventory.

Our Chlorine Dioxide Gas process works by penetrating  deep into most common indoor materials like carpeting, drapes, upholstery and other soft surfaces where it will eliminate most toxins, pollens, viruses, bacteria and allergens that settle into your home. See for yourself why our specially calibrated Chlorine Dioxide Gas is truly the Miracle Vapor Gassing System™ of today.  

We invite you to watch the informative videos on our web site. See first hand how CLO2 effectively eliminat how effective the process s when put up against some of the worst household and commercial odors.

If you have questions or concerns about CLO2, we urge you to watch the videos posted on our site. See for yourself how our Miracle Vapor Gassing System works to Eliminate Odors Norwalk, Fairfield & New Haven CT

View our informative online smoke eradication video. Read the reviews. See why Green Restoration and our amazing process has grown dramatically in the past year or so. We  are pleased to offer the ODORS GONE SYSTEM to our neighbors throughout entire state of Connecticut, Westchester and Putnam Counties,


WITHIN 24 HOURS – WE PAY YOU $200!! Be a believer.

Call Green Restoration Today@ 413-426-4726  For Your Free Odor Inspection Today.