Allergen Abatement and Odor Removal

Allergen Abatement and Odor Removal Stamford CT

Need Allergen Abatement and Odor Removal in Stamford CT? Your persistant house odor is having an effect on you. You wake up with a headache almost every morning. The kids are running around with the sniffles, scratchy throats, coughs  and eye irritation. Who do you call when you can’t take that  odor any longer? You can’t call Ghost Busters. What’s a person  do for relief? Homeowners in the know  can count on Allergen Abatement and Odor Removal Stamford CT for relief.

Our company is currently busy introducing our revolutionary Vapor Gassing System in your area and has successfully treated a good number of homes that have issues with odors and allergens in their homes. It may seem unlikely, but most household odors that seem to never go away are caused by bacteria from a variety of sources.  Those germs begin to form odors that can have an effect on a family’s health. They’re the cause of the sniffling, coughing  and runny noses you are experiencing as well as the allergens and contaminants that affect your home’s internal air quality

Recently our incredibly effective Allergen Abatement and Odor Removal Stamford CT company  entered  your market area and is providing a workable affordable  means of doing away with the odors and germs that are the cause of many of your family’s health issue and the odors in your home. We are in the midst of a massive push to reach inhabitants of Stamford CT and its neighboring towns and cities.

We are the  company to call if you live in our expanded service area:

  • Stamford
  • Danbury
  • Middletown
  • Ridgefield
  • West Hartford
  • Darien
  • Groton
  • Westport
  • Riverside
  • Ridgefield
  • Old Greenwich
  • Cos Cob
  • Southport
  • Greenwich
  • Glenville
  • Mystic
  • Portland
  • Guilford Center
  • Shelton
  • Pemberwick
  • Essex Village
  • Old Saybrook Center


This is a great opportunity for homeowners, businesses or anyone  with concerns about  odor problem in their home or business. The solution we found for that problem lies with our revolutionary Miracle Vapor Gassing System This innovative system also represents a huge breakthrough for anyone suffering from any of a long list of allergen reactions and viruses commonly found in the interior of many structures. The sure sign is the presence of an odor.

The Process That Is Changing It All

The basis of  our new  odor removal product is Chlorine Dioxide or CLO2 . Years of research and development Research on CLO2 began in 1811, but its full potential was not realized until fairly recently. Allergen Abatement and Odor Removal Stamford CT began further development  It was at that point our company realized the potential for  the odor and allergy abatement business, confident in this  product’s ability to permanently remove large concentrations of odor as well as pollen and other airborne viruses and diseases.

Odor Removal THAT WORKS
Chlorine Dioxide far surpassed the performance of any and all product, including ozone and enzyme based systems,  semi effective temporary solution used by old time cleaning companies in the  past. Our  amazing new age GREEN Allergen Abatement and Odor Removal Service in Stamford is becoming the leading environmentally sound system in the country. Miracle Vapor Gassing kills all odors while giving allergy relief to all.


There are a growing number of applications for a product and service like ours.

  • Real estate agents and brokers (see paragraph below)
  • Boat  and yacht dealers
  • Smoke Removal services
  • Car dealers
  • Medical facilities
  • health clubs
  • Sanitation industry
  • RVs


Do You Have Property to Sell or Rent that has difficult, if not impossible odors to deal with?  People buy or rent a home  partially with their noses. Sound wierd? Think about it.  Would you live in a house that smells like rotted garbage, mildew, mold, cigarette smoke or pet odors?

Our advanced Allergen Abatement and Odor Removal Stamford CT system serves the cities of Stamford CT and other cities in the state. It  is the perfect product for the real estate industry. To involve more agents and brokers, we are offering a financial inducement for all local realtors and property managers in our area of Connecticut.

All Real Estate Agents & Property Management Companies can receive 20% Off All Our Services, which can be used as a source of additional income for the agent  or management company. We all know that it’s a huge turn- off when clients  run into horrible odors at a listing.  A bad odor kills a sale quicker than any other issue.

Background and History of Chlorine Dioxide
Chlorine Dioxide, as used in our exclusive ODOR GONE  Gas-vapor system works by penetrating deep into indoor materials like carpets, drapes, upholstered furniture, and flat surfaces of a home or business. It penetrates even the deepest materials and traps and destroys  toxins, pollen, viruses and odor causing  bacteria. This is why Chlorine Dioxide Gas is so effective for eliminating even the worst indoor odors, reducing indoor allergens, destroying indoor viruses and bacteria. Chlorine Dioxide Gas is truly the Miracle Vapor System™ wonder product of its day.

BRING ‘EM ON  (foul odors)

That’s our challenge. We can take on any odor and get rid of it. As an example, let’s look at two of the most intense and most difficult odors we deal with regularly and effectively:

1.) The extreme smoke smell of a fire damaged room or house.

2.) The smell of ages old cigarette smoke embedded in a home (See our online video about a home with 51 years of accumulated smoke odors and how our vaporizing System proved to be a miracle. See the videos on our website.

ODOR GONE’A  Chlorine Dioxide odor and allergen elimination treatment is also perfect for killing  the worst odors and mold in

  • Homes,
  • Basements
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Law Enforcement. Holding Cells

and many other  areas where bacteria and odors lay                                       ..

Our goals are to reach out and  establish a solid working relationship  wherever our product can provide a proven odor removal process for the numerous janitorial  staffs and sanitation crews responsible for cleaning and sanitizing facilities like Hotels, Motels, Commercial Buildings, Warehouses, Restaurants, Bars, Gyms, Rest Rooms, Containers, Kennels, Dumpsters, Storage Units, Cabins, Yachts, Shipping Containers & all types of Vehicles where first impressions are important. Think of your personal experiences with foul smelling places. Do you have any desire to return? Probably not.

Allergen Abatement and Odor Removal Stamford CT is so confident in our ability to deliver on our promises that we are making a very special offer to anyone who will try our remarkable product.

A Win Win Proposition


We will eliminate your odors, allergens and other toxic substances, as we have, for hundreds of local folks and businesses in your corner of Connecticut. If for any unforeseen reason we fail, we will give you $200. We will investigate the odor and fix the problem and give your NEW OWNER a 6 months TRANSFERRABLE WARRANTY!

This offer is good for virtually  any home or commercial odor and air quality issue To prove we are not just masking or temporarily covering up that odor with an air freshener, We ask that you ask your clients to return in a day or two to see or smell for themselves that the home is truly odor free. We Promise, they will be impressed … TOTALLY! Don’t wait – Call us for a free odor inspection!


  • Most Jobs are Completed Within 24 Hours AND ARE 100% Guaranteed. We recommend our advanced Allergy relief and odor removal system for freshening and revitalizing busy
  • elevators
  • rest rooms
  • bars
  • Restaurants
  • Rideshare vehicles.


If we only had 6 words to explain what our system does to odors, they would be these: Eliminate, Eradicate, Obliterate, Exterminate, Annihilate and Abolish.

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ODOR REMOVAL Service Areas

  • New Haven CT
  • Hartford CT
  • Fairfield CT
  • Norwalk CT
  • Danbury CT
  • Bridgeport CT
  • New London CT
  • Windsor CT
  • Stamford CT
  • New Britain CT
  • West Hartford CT
  • Meriden CT
  • Waterbury CT
  • White Plains NY
  • Brewster NY
  • Greenwich CT
  • New Canaan CT
  • Darien CT
  • Wilton CT
  • Ridgefield CT

Peruse our customer comments and videos. To make an appointment or schedule your free odor examination, Call  Odors Gone today. You have our word that the Allergen Abatement and Odor Removal in Stamford CT will be completely and safely eliminated.